Embedded device broken / license transfer possible?

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Embedded device broken / license transfer possible?

Hello Michael!

This is a hypothetical question which came into my mind while experimenting with my two RaspPis.
I only bought a license for one of the two RaspPis. The license seems to be locked to the serial number of the board.

What happens if I brick one device? Do I have to buy a new license?
How would you handle the case where I brick - let's say - 10 boards? 10 times a new license key?
The problem is that you cannot be sure that the boards were really bricked.
And currently the license system does not seem to use any online activation system which could deactivate the old license.

Fortunately, I am not in the situation right now.


Hi christian, yes you can

Hi christian, yes you can transfer the license if your pi breaks...

How is that transfer handled?

Hello Michael,

can you expand a bit about how such possible license transfer is being handled? Is it necessary to contact you, or any user can do that without your assistance?
I'm currently demoing the VHUSB and it's really great. I works with various dongles and it's IME/IMO better than dedicated boxes from Digi.
So I'm thinking about getting two licenses/server for USB dongle authorization for programs running in virtual machines. However I'm also afraid of possible hardware failure, programs are bit critical, if something like that happens, replacement would need to be handled rather very quickly. So I'm asking, whether I will be able to "relicense" server software by myself.

All the best,



No you need to email me.

Thank you for the reply! In

Thank you for the reply! In that case it would be better to purchase n+1 of complete packages (SBC with installed and licensed VHUSB server) to be prepared for immediate replacement in case of possible issue. It's worth of that IMO.

All the best,


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