Many Servers, one client

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Many Servers, one client

Awesome product.
I would like to get some input of my proof on concept.

I have 20 printers, all identical. To them I want to connect 20 android phones, that is running the android server.
The android devices will VPN to a private network where the client also resides on a single windows machine.

The 20 printers will be represented as usual windows printers, they will be renamed in windows to prevent them being auto-named as Printer (Copy1), Printer (Copy2) etc. I plan to use the client API to control the devices on the client side.

I would also like to understand the behaviour of the server/client if say, the VPN drops for a period, or even a few seconds before reconnecting. It's critical that we keep the printers accessible to windows - so my queries are based on performance and reliability.

Any input on that would be appreciated. Thanks, keep up the great work on the product.

Hi, yes if the socket drops

Hi, yes if the socket drops it will be just like pulling the usb cable from the windows machine. When it reconnects it will be as if the cable has been plugged back in. The state of the printer then will be clear , so if you are running a print job at the time, i think windows might restart the print job...

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