Reverse Client on paperspace

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Reverse Client on paperspace

I'm currently renting a paperspace virtual machine through a service called parsec. I would like to connect a pressure sensitive tablet using virtualhere.
I'm having some trouble getting the reverse client feature to work.

I have both the server and client running on my physical pc.
I have the client running on my paperspace vm.

I've used cmd>ipconfig/all to bring up the IP address on the vm
On my physical pc, I open the client, see the server (which is also running on my physical pc)
right click the server, select "reverse client", and enter what I think is the IP address is needs,
but so far no luck.
Is reverse clients disabled in the trial version? Is there a step I've missed?
I'd like to see if it works at all before purchasing the full version.


Almost certainly port 7573 is blocked for incoming tcp into your cloudvm. I know aws does this by default.

You need to either make sure port 7573 tcp is not firewalled by paperspace

or you can just use

I'm having a perhaps-related

I'm having a perhaps-related issue: have been using Easyfind to connect my Macbook with a Paperspace vm for the last week or so and it's been working fine. I just paid for a month's subscription to Easyfind, but for some reason it's now no longer working!

It's a similar setup to OP: client and server running on the physical computer, client running on the Paperspace VM - except that I've then gone to "specify hubs" on the Paperspace client and put in the Easyfind address identified using the client on the physical computer.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here?


OK thats odd. So the VM is windows 10 and you are running the virtualhere client 4.6.2 (or 4.6.1) and you right click USB Hubs->Specify Hubs and put in the address your easyfind Address. Can i you remember if anything changed in the vm from when it was working to now not working? It should still keep working. I can see your server pinging the easyfind system so i think its client side.

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