USB device not visible unless I plug into Windows machine 1st then into Virtual server Gl-mt300n-v2 setuip on Lan

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USB device not visible unless I plug into Windows machine 1st then into Virtual server Gl-mt300n-v2 setuip on Lan


I am looking to roll out the above devices on a Paxton Gate entry system that has a USB configuration setup that connects to a Net2 software application.

I have set up the Hubs on a static ip and attached the Virtual server Gl-mt300n-v2 via LAN connection...O can see the device and it finds the USB device as :-

Hub -usb device = Net2 USB/RS485 Convereter

Vendor: Paxton
Product: Net2 USB/RS485 converter
Vendor ID: 0x0403
Product ID: 0x6001
Serial: 1641689
Address: 21

and it allows me to use the device...where it then adds this as a USB Serial Converter in the device manager.

However when i start the Net2 software it says it cant find the Gates/Devices......

I then connect the usb cable directly to the windows 10 initiates the usb device ( shows the same in the device manager) ...but now the software sees the device and gates.

I then remove the cable from the windows 10 machine and back into the Virtualhere hub....

Whilst this is being carried out the usb to software shows disconnected...then once the Hub sees the device and is in use by me ...the software then says reconnected and its all good.

The issue is it looses the connection once we close the software or restart the computer...which defeats the objective of having remote USB hubs controlled by 1 PC...(we need to power off the PC to move away from Gate USB).

I think its all in the initialisation of the USB device and may need to have some sort of custom event handler ? ...I am seeking to deploy 3 or 4 of these inityially Can you advise.

If you need any information to assist i will be happy provide.



OK that device might not like a reset so we can try skipping that.

Plug the device into the GL-MT300NV2 when it appears in the virtualhere client right click on it and select Custom Event Handler.. and enter


then press OK. Now see if that fixes it.



So added the Custom Event Handler....However that did not work.

The issue is that the USB device works if its directly connected to the windows 10 displays in the device manager as a USB Serial converter...When the software is started that then talks to this via the usb shows that the device is connected...
If I then remove the usb cable from the Windows machine...the connection shows as lost ..I then insert into the Virtualhere USB hub and then select from the client the "use this device" seconds the software thaen sees the usb thats all good.

However the requirement is that the windows machine is not next to the usb Device...hence using virtualhere to interact over ethernet. So if i now move the device I will need to power it of and locate where it going to be Used ...the device manager shows the USB serial converter ...but the software does not find the device and thus it may be a handshake from software to usb device ...

So the reset custom script did not work .....what would be the next step ? Thanks

Hi unfortunately that didn't

Hi unfortunately that didn't do the trick ......


Im not sure the only other thing i can think of is that maybe the USB current supplied by the glmt300nv2 is not enough to start the device properly.

In other words you might need a separately powered usb hub (one that has its own power supply) between the gl-mt300nv2 and the RS485 converter.

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