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VirtualHERE Backup Server

Good morning everyone
I have one VirtualHERE server in my company (host of HASP key) installed on a RaspberryPI 3. The client is Windows 2012 Server virtual machine. Client software runs a service. I have bought one license for the server.
I'm thinking of a solution that I can prepare in case of Raspberry PI failure. My idea is to buy another RPI and make a duplicate of the SD Card from the working RPI. In case of a failure I could easily disconnect the old RPI and run the backup one and have my HASP key availabe in minutes.
Unfortunately when I tried to test this solution I got an error with the license (When running the Client as a Service you can only connect to purchased servers). I assume that the s/n of the server is different even if I did an 1:1 copy of the SD card. Do you think that it is possible to make changes to my backup server so the s/n will be the same ?
Does it mean that I have to buy another license or maybe I can work it out somehow ? If I have to buy the license I can do it, but I'm not sure if I am ever going to use it...
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Best regards


You would need another license if you do this because the pi is different.

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