Virtualhere server error

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Virtualhere server error

I got this error message when I try to connect to the following the following device I get this error message from the server side

2018-06-08 09:27:00 INFO :Installing driver for class Vector-Hardware {D20399E0-47BD-4219-8C5B-A10B87CEB545}
2018-06-08 09:27:00 INFO :Downloading
2018-06-08 09:27:01 ERROR :There was an error downloading, HTTP response code said error (404)
2018-06-08 09:27:01 ERROR :Could not install driver for class Vector-Hardware
2018-06-08 09:27:01 ERROR :Error binding device 13 [1248:1050] to connection 2, BIND_ERROR

and for the client side:
09:27:01 INFO :In file ../src/msw/window.cpp at line 564: 'SetFocus' failed with error 0x00000057 (The parameter is incorrect.).

Serve machine: Windows 10 64x
Client Machine: Windows server Server 2012 R2
Using 64x versions from virtual here client and server


You need to use the Linux server instead

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