VirtualHere CloudHub FAQ

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VirtualHere CloudHub FAQ

What is the VirtualHere CloudHub?

The VirtualHere CloudHub is complete firmware that provides an embedded operating system, VirtualHere optimized Server and an administration interface. Just flash it to your device and its ready to use!

Why is this useful?

Because its portable and has WiFi you can take it with you to control outdoor equipment (e.g cameras/telescopes/serial devices), and because it has a LAN interface you can use it as a home USB sharing server as well. All these devices are powered by a simple micro USB cable so you can plug it into the mains, or into a battery pack to make it portable. (The MR-3040 already has an in-built battery)

What sort of performance do these servers provide?

TP-Link MR-3020/MR3040

  • These are powered by an Atheros AR7240 @ 400MHz CPU with 4 MB of flash and 32MB ram and a 1T1R 802.11n SOC. This is fine for low bandwidth USB devices like serial controllers, HID devices, game controllers, printers, scanners and many other devices. It will not be able to handle for example, streaming HD webcam video. The limit is approx 3.5 Megabytes per second throughput via USB over VirtualHere. Using an Ethernet cable is significantly faster than using WiFi.

TP-Link TL-WR902AC

  • This router is powered by an Qualcomm QCA9531 @ 560MHz CPU with 8 MB of flash and 64MB ram and a 1T1R 802.11ac SOC. This router provides good wireless AC coverage and the cpu is fast, providing good performance overall

Pi 3 Model B

  • Quad Core Arm 1.2Ghz with 1024MB RAM and sd card. Wifi is 1T1R 802.11n. The CPU is fast and the memory is sufficient in the pi for a large office environment USB server device. However the Pi3 shares the USB with with network adapter (which is only 100MBps) so throughput for Isochronous devices like Webcams and Speakers can be limited. Furthermore the on-board wifi on the pi3 has very poor range

Do you have the build file for the firmware OS?

git pull

Can you just sell me this router with the firmware already installed?

Sorry no, at the moment you need to purchase the router separately from an electronics retailer.