ANT+ Device Not Working

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ANT+ Device Not Working


I've seen a couple of historic posts about ANT+ over Virtualhere , and it seems like the answer has been patching of the server exe. I've got the latest windows and Anrdoid builds (Android is the server, WIndows x64 as client).

When I plug the ANT+ device directly into the Windows computer it works fine.
When I plug the ANT+ device into my Android TV (with server) it shows up on the client.
It knows it's an ANT+ stick in the client exe window
In Windows "Bluetooth and Devices" settings, it shows an ANT_ device but says there is an error.

Is there a known issue, or anything you'd be able to help with?



Use the ant+ dongle via virtualhere.

Then on the client pc, bring up windows device manager ->View by Connection->VirtualHere USB 3 eXttensible HOst controller

Does it show the ANT+ under there? Can you right click on that and select Properties. What error number does it have?

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