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On demand connection

Brilliant piece of kit!! I spent hours trying to connect to a USB printer via my network on an Asustor NAS to no avail. I only ended up pulling a few too many hairs out!!!

I just tried Virtual Here and it seems to work excellent.

One question, and perhaps this is a USB limitation (I know enough about computers to be dangerous!!), is there a way to connect to the USB printer (if not in-use) on demand as needed and set it to release automatically at a set interval after using it?

Imagine one partner that will invariably use the printer/scanner and then forget to release it. This will entail walking down to his office and releasing it on his PC.



Hi, yes you need to start the client with the -a argument like this.

vhui64.exe -a

That makes it administrator mode and you can right click on an In-Use device and select Disconnect from User

Excellent, I'll give this a

Excellent, I'll give this a go.


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