How are USB port numbers assigned?

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How are USB port numbers assigned?

Hi Michael,

I have a question on how are USB port numbers assigned when using multiple devices. I'm using Linux server/CloudHub (GL-MT300N-V2) and Windows as the client. I am using a 4-port USB hub with 2 connected devices.

If I "use" a device, it gets location '1' and afterwards if I use the 2nd device, it gets location '2'. What happens if I set both AUTO-USE to use both devices and reboot the client? Will the devices get locations in some pre-determined order which will be always the same after multiple reboots?

If the order is random, would this registry entry force the devices to have proper order?


On the server, each port has a unique address. That is then assigned to a device on the server side.

When you use a device it will plug it into the first available virtual usb port on the client side. So if you auto-use the order is not deterministic so it could be port 1 or port 2

You can use to see all the virtual ports on the client and which one is used for a particular device. You can make the registry change above if you want to put it in a particular virtual port. The device address assigned is always unique and fixed so you can just map that to the virtual port you want.

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