Steamlink/ShieldTV License

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Steamlink/ShieldTV License

Hello, I purchased VirtualHere for SteamLink a few months ago. However, I found the SteamLink doesn't have enough processing power for what I'm trying to do (mouse polling rate was causing massive latency/stutter). Because of this, I purchased a Nvidia Shield TV Pro (2019) and it works GREAT with VirtualHere.

However, while configuring, I was having issues getting my Logitech G29 to calibrate properly (this device does work fine on the machine I'm trying to use it on remotely). It will calibrate and is detected by the Logitech software, but the degree of rotation is all messed up.

While troubleshooting this, I saw the message that my server ran out of trial usages and that I would need to purchase a new license. My troubleshooting was stopped here.

I see you were kind enough to provide this user - - with a new license after they ended up in a similar situation as myself. Would you be able to do the same more me? I'd really appreciate it as I won't be using it on Steam at all.


No i dont do that anymore, its integrated into the play store now and you purchase using that instead.

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