Various Articles on the Internet about VirtualHere

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Various Articles on the Internet about VirtualHere (VirtualHere helps to wirelessly track radio interference on Broadway!) (Make corsair keyboard wireless via VirtualHere and a Pi) (SDR Radio via VirtualHere) (Remote Colour Grading using VirtualHere and Parsec) (Extend your USB with VirtualHere) (Racing wheel via VirtualHere and pi02w) (Make your vive facial tracker wireless using VirtualHere) (Make YawVR wireless using a pi with wifi) (Access Vehicle ECU via VirtualHere wirelessly) (A Journal paper about mixing WiGig and WiFi mediums (using VirtualHere for motion transfer) to improve Wireless VR latency) (Use your phone+virtualhere to make a wireless PS3 Keypad for Swift racing) (Truly Wireless Mod for Virtually Any Keyboard) (VirtualHere works well on the new Oculus Quest 2!) (A user demoing virtualhere on some different platforms) (Use Stream Deck in a VM via VirtualHere) (Use SDR over the network via VirtualHere Video) (SDR over the network via virtualhere documentation) (Use a HOTAS flight stick wirelessly via VirtualHere) (Cloud gaming with USB devices via VirtualHere) (Game streaming with microphone via Virtualhere) (Wireless astronomy using VirtualHere) (A user made a video about setting up VirtualHere on the Samsung Dex) (Using VirtualHere to pass through gaming mouse in Samsung Dex and Shadow Game Streaming) (Wireless LIDAR kit) (Access your aquarium computers remotely via VirtualHere) (VirtualHere for accessing iLok) (Use virtualhere to create a Android Device farm for testing) (Control CNC Machine via VirtualHere in the Lab) (Use VirtualHere with Googles "Project Stream" to get your XBox Controller working!) (Living room truck simulator with VirtualHere + Steering Wheel() (Use Virtualhere to pass through mouse in Shadow PC correctly) (Run PC Racing simulator in the cloud using VirtualHere for USB Passthrough) (Software Defined Radio via VirtualHere) (Fully wireless battle suit VR using Virtualhere to passthrough the USB signal) (German, VirtualHere on the Fritz!box) (Cloud Gaming using virtualhere to pass-thru controllers) (Use an audio controller from anywhere) (Replaces stock firmware with virtualhere based USB server allowing VR Headset microphone and aux USB port to work!) (Using a NAS as a VirtualHere USB Server - German) (VirtualHere for Docker) (VirtualHere controlling party LED's) (German) (Stream windows 10 games to NVIDIA Shield Tablet using VirtualHere for Android) (manage radios over the internet) (UK Health Services using VirtualHere to create a multi-smartcard test setup for continuous integration testing) (Japanese blog, installing virtualhere as a raspberry pi USB device server) (Installation video) (Using virtualhere for remote diabetes monitoring) (Russian) (usb dongle server) (using Steam Gaming controller with nvidia Shield TV) (German, steam gaming remote) (French, 3D printer remote management) (Japanese raspberry pi magazine) (Remote telescope interation) (3D printer server) (Aquarium Monitoring)

"Just wanted to send a quick thank you for this amazing piece of software. I’m using virtualhere on raspberry pi on stage with our band to use midi keyboards on a long distance.Boris" (Virutalhere + VMWare for using device in the Virtual Machines) (Remote wireless DSLR camara control via virtualhere) (Dongle license server) (VirtualHere + Gaming Steering wheel) (QNAP + Win10 + VirtualHere server on the QNAP = remote USB device access) (Old scanner + virtualhere = wireless scanner) (german)