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com port usb

I have an anti-theft device for the home that you can 'program in usb. when I connect directly to my pc sees the com port 10. when I connect it here on the virtual client sees him as the communication port but the pc (windows 8.1) does not see it.
I also updated the rasp but nothing happens.
all these tests I performed with and without the specific driver installed.
What can I do?

What is the device model? I

What is the device model? I will take a look and see what serial device it uses. Prolific sometimes has problems with virtualhere for some reason.

the model is Commpact of

the model is Commpact of Electronics Line. To program and supervises through usb but I wanted to program it even remotely.
everything works except this usb port. The client says it is in use but Windows does not recognize it.
can you help me?

Could you download the client

Could you download the client again from . Its the same version but i recompiled it with a small change that may fix your problem.

Unfortunately, the problem is

Unfortunately, the problem is not solved

Is it

Is it this:

Do you have a link to the programmer software, i couldnt find it on their website? I will install the programmer and investigate more...

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