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Linux client problem


Virtualhere is so close to being the perfect solution to sharing my multifunctional printer across my home network, but I do have an issue with running the linux client.

I have the VirtualHere USB Server running on my ReadyNAS102 and I am running the client software on an Ubuntu 14.04 desktop machine (I have other windows clients too in which I don't have the same issue).

At the moment I have to run 'sudo ./vhui64' in a terminal to use the client. A window pops up as expected, to enable me to select the USB device I want to use. I then close the window as I don't want the window using up screen space. But once I have done that I can no longer get back to the window should I want to add any more devices or disconnect any devices.

This is frustrating as I have to manually terminate the VirtualHere client, which is still running in the background, and reopen the client to get back to the user interface windows.

Is there anything I am missing? How should I get the user interface window back after I have closed it? In the windows version there is a taskbar icon which I can right click on to get the windows back, but there is no such feature in the linux client.

I hope this makes sense, but please do let me know if you need further clarification.


Hi Steve, Yes i took a look

Hi Steve, yes i took a look and it seems the the Unity doesnt support gnome toolbar apps. I will recompile with libappindicator support and let you know when that is ready. I usually use xubuntu and lubutu for testing as they support standard GNOME .

Ok this is fixed in version 2

Ok this is fixed in version 2.3.5 of the client

Michael, thank you so much

Michael, thank you so much for fixing that so quickly. Very impressed! The new version works fine with Ubuntu's unity now. The application works really well and I now have the perfect USB device sharing solution. Great work!

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