conflict with p910nd print server

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conflict with p910nd print server

I've got a little problem with VH conflicting with p910nd print server ( on my OpenWRT router.
The problem didn't occur when I was using a trial version of VH - now with embedded one, when a second device is connected the problem is as follows: several desktops print to the printer via p910nd but when one of them connects the printer with VH (it doesen't have to print, just connecting) printing via p910nd is no longer available.
Restarting p910nd daemond doesn't help, only rebooting my OpenWRT router works.
I can provide you with some logs, just tell me which ones would you like :)

I think maybe you should try

I think maybe you should try the setting AutoAttachToKernel=1 ( ) as that will keep the device bound to the openwrt kernel at all times when its not in use by virtualhere

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