Run client as service on Windows

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Run client as service on Windows

Recently installed servers on 2 devices - QNAP NAS and Debian-based NAS.
Also clients were installen on 2 Windows PCs. Symantec Endpoint Protection is installed on both PCs.
First issue that I got - on attept to switch on Auto-Find option on client running as application I'm getting error message:
ERROR :Failed to start DNSServiceBrowse, error -65540
First suggestion is that something is wrong with Bonjour (zero-conf). Tried to re-install in - no luck. Tried to create exception for mDNSResponder.exe and vhui32(64).exe - no luck as well. Tried to create exception in Windows firewall (just in case) - you can guess that I got still no luck.

I decided to go further and started client as service.
OK, server on QNAP NAS is visible using "LIST" command. Regardlessly of "AUTOFIND" option enabled/disabled. So far so good.
But I do not see server on Debian-based NAS (avahi-daemon is running there). Strange, because I can connect to this server if I run client as application without any issue connecting to it manually.
Checking box Enable Reverse Connections gave me nothing.
Checked Windows log on errors - everything is clear.
Switching off Symantec Endpoint Protection once I was able to see server on Debian-based NAS but only once...

Questions are:
1. What happens with Autofind option when client runs as application?
2. Why I do not see server on Debian?

PS Actually Debian means Squeeze with libc6 v2.18 installed... But it shouldn't be a source of bug that I got.

Thank you in advance for responce,

Hi Alexy, yes it probably the

Hi Alexy, yes it probably the firewall. bonjour uses udp port 5353 to broadcast its existence. If you turn off the firewall those packets can get through and hence the debian server can be found. The error is 65540 is related to bonjour service not being able to be started. My suggestion is turn off auto-find and dont bother with bonjour for your setup, and just direclty input the ip address of your QNAP and your debian nas then that will be compatible with your firewall. P.S you must buy the server to connect to it as a service.


Many thanks for quick response!
If I understand you correctly (English is not my native language) no automation is available for non-licensed copy of Linux-based servers?
OK, 29USD is not too much, I consider to buy licence in nearest future - software is great!
However I have to think about zero-conf - don't understand why it doesn't work - all exceptions needed were created in firewall so it should work properly. But definitely it is not question to you.

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