Processor Load OSX 10.10

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Processor Load OSX 10.10

I'm running Virtualhereclient on a W8.1 computer and a macBook running OSX 10.10. On both computers it is installed as a service.
On the W8.1 computer everything is running fine and nice.
On mac OS/X 10.10 it takes all CPU-performance of 1 core (sometimes even more according to top). The proces never sleeps, and since installing the day before yesterday, batterylifetime decreases with over 60%. (my macbook is really feeling hot on my legs)

Switch auto use and auto find off does not affect the cpu usage. How to make this tool usable for my macbook?

By the way, The server is running on a Raspberry Pi serving 3 USB Devices

Keeping in mind that OSX 10

Keeping in mind that OSX 10.10 is beta still and may have bugs itself...can you do the following:

1. Start the OSX Activity Monitor under Finder -> Utilities
2. Find the VirtualHere process and press the Gear button above and select "Sample process", that will generate a stack trace of all the threads i use in virtualhere client userspace part.
3. Email me that file.

Similar problem occurs in OS X 10.9.4.

Client application (newest version) can not be closed. Process is not responding and CPU usage increases.
Devices like pendrives served by RPi do not work. On W7 everything works perfectly.

OK thanks for the feedback. I

OK thanks for the feedback. For testing, I upgraded my macbook air to 10.10 (preview 7) and virtualhere works fine sharing a serial dongle. Previously i was testing on a osx vm...

If you can, could you do the "Sample Process" above and send me the report. This will tell me the function that is jamming on your machine.

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