Non-gui linux client, missing requirements?

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Non-gui linux client, missing requirements?

I'm evaluating your software for a home automation project, so I need to eventually have 2 USB-devices attached.

I'm trying to use a raspberry pi model b+ as the server, and a virtualized debian-host as the client.

The server works fine against my windows client.
( but I did have to specify both IgnoredDevices and AllowedDevices for the filter to work correctly.).

While testing the debian-client I ran into problems.
Downloaded the latest version from

I couldn't find any listed requirements anywhere (except for depending on usbip-support in kernel, which is there.)
However, the client first gives error about missing libSM.ko, which was fixed with apt-get install libsm-dev - but after that its a requirement for libgtk-x11 - which leads me to believe that this is a GUI-application.

It would be very nice to list the required libraries per OS/distro, and also supply a non-GUI version of the client.
I'm surprised I'm the first to use this versus headless, virtualized linux-servers.

Actually im in the process of

Actually im in the process of removing all dependencies so its console only and no gui requirements and no runtime library requirement.

Its basically done, but im currently testing, and its probably ready in about two weeks.

So at the moment you need the gtk libraries but in version 2.57 or 8 it will require none of these. (Just like the server)

That's great, I'll look for

That's great, I'll look for some updates in a couple of weeks then! :)

OK in 2.5.6 , the client is

OK in 2.5.6 , the client is now console only with no runtime library requirements other than usbip available in your kernel drivers.

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