Problem to start the Client in Linux Mint 64 Xfce

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Problem to start the Client in Linux Mint 64 Xfce


quite new to the LINUX Comunity but willing to learn.

I have installed the USB Server on a Rasperi PI and downloaded the Client on my WIN 7 PC. This will be work wonderfull. Now i want to install the client on my linux mint 64 xfce PC but it wont work.

I have installed the usbip drivers and downloaded the client for ubuntu 13.04+ (amd64). If i click on the icon the system ask with wich programm i want to open the file ? If if use the console and the "sudo" command for the downloaded file for the console only mode it wont work too !

Well thats my problem, sorry about that simple (bad) error description but thats all what i can write about that.

Perhaps someone have installed the client on the same system and can help me with a step by step instruction.

Thank you for reading this post and perhaps someone is willing to help my.


Its doubtful that the ubuntu

Its doubtful that the ubuntu gui version will work on your mint, so you will probably have to use the console version.

You need to open a terminal prompt and go to the directory with the binary in it and chmod +x

e.g chmod +x ./vhuip64

Now run the client with the sudo command e.g

sudo ./vhui64p

Post any error you receive to this thread..

Hi Michael,

Hi Michael,

thank you for your quick response. I have tried to use the console version with the terminal it was really awfull but nothing really nothing happen. I tried it a second time and also nothing happen it dont know if i have done some mistakes but I dont think so.

But this is NO Problem. I will erase mint fromt the Harddisk and will install ubuntu on it. I hope then i wont have any problems with the client.

I will message you if everything is right or if i have any problems.


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