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i've got the problem with update VirtualHere package on QNAP-469L. Now i have ver. 1.8.4
i did successfull update on QNAP firmware 4.1.1
if i use WEB gui of QNAP application center for update - update freeze on 22%.
if i use manual updte in application center - update freeze on 45%.

and only reboot of QNAP may help restart VirtualHere service, but update is not completed!!!

please help resolve problem!

Hi, i dont have control over

Hi, i dont have control over the qnap servers, i just email them my app and they put it on their system. But anyway you can just download it directly from my website.

1. Uninstall virtualhere from your QNAP by going to Package Manager -> App Center -> VirtualHere Remove
2. Download the new app from here http://www.virtualhere.com/nas and install it
3. Enter in your serial number as described in your registration email and it will be fully registered and working again.

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