client crashed win8.1

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client crashed win8.1

I am using VirtualHere 2.6.8 for the first time, with a 1-device license.
The server is on a Linux machine running Centos7.0 on my local subnet.
The device is a logitech webcam.
once connected, the drivers are loaded, and on vhenum.exe gaining rights, the windows locks up
with Driver_Overrun_Stack_Buffer.
It is the first time this computer has ever crashed.

If possible can you send me

If possible can you send me the windows DMP file to

This file is probably in c:\windows\minidump\xxxx.dmp where xxxx is probably the latest file in that directory.

If you have trouble finding that file, try this program to retrieve it

A follow up on this, it is

A follow up on this, it is crashing in the logitech driver rather than the virtualhere driver so a logitech driver update is advised, if possible

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