VirtualHere USB Client Changes (3.4.8 onwards)

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VirtualHere USB Client Changes (3.4.8 onwards)

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You are welcome to update the client software at any time for free by stopping and exiting the VirtualHere client (if it is running) -> Downloading the new client from this website -> Copy the new client file over the old -> Start the client again

5.2.4 (19th Nov 2021)
* Added - Support for MacOS Monterey on M1 and Intel!

5.2.3 (3rd Oct 2021)
* Windows/Linux client - fixed autofind when using the ARM64 VirtualHere Windows Server from the Microsoft Store

5.2.2 (2nd Oct 2021)
* Windows/Linux Client - fixed auto-find when using the VirtualHere Windows Server X86_64 from the Microsoft Store

5.2.1 (8th June 2021)
* Linux - fixed bug where the client didn't use more than one virtual host controller

5.2.0 (5th May 2021)
* All platforms - modified the STOP USING ALL API so that it can be (ptionally) qualified by server address

5.1.9 (24th April 2021)
* All platforms - added the abilility to set the SSLPort in the GUI (USB Hubs->Advanced Settings -> SSL -> SSLPort)
* All platforms - when kicking a user off a device the confirmation prompt can be permanently turned off by selecting "Yes, never ask"

5.1.8 (7th April 2021)
* Windows - added support for UASP ( when combined with VirtualHere Linux server version 4.2.8. This will make newer USB 3 disks faster

5.1.7 (22nd March 2021)
* Linux - when running as a daemon (using the -n argument) a pid file is written to /var/run
* Windows 2012r2 - fixed possible crash when installing drivers

5.1.6 (4th March 2021)
* Most platforms - improved performance slighly
* Most platforms - reduced size of binary
* Windows - significantly streamlined driver installation so its only one click now
* Added - VirtualHere USB Client for Windows 10 on ARM64, e.g Surface Pro X, Windows 10 ARM64 VM running on Mac M1

5.1.5 (5th Feb 2021)
* All platforms - GUI in Admin mode no longer requires confirmation to kick user off of a device ("Disconnect from User")

5.1.4 (13th Dec 2020)
* Windows and Linux - improvements to the Auto-Find functionality

5.1.3 (18th Nov 2020)
* Windows - fixed regression from 5.1.2 which prevented the client service from starting

5.1.2 (17th Nov 2020)
* Windows - fixed bug in unicode character support for arguments to vhui64.exe & vhui32.exe. (Fixed a bug with the -t argument accepting chinese characters)

5.1.1 (14th Nov 2020)
* Linux - fixed "Too many writes to wake-up pipe" error that occurred under some circumstances

5.1.0 (30th Oct 2020)
* All Platforms - fixed SSL handshake timing out when using over a slow connection or with a large key

5.0.9 (28th Oct 2020)
* All Platforms - fixed internationalization support where API was not accepting UTF-8 strings correctly

5.0.8 (3rd Oct 2020)
* All platforms - The graphical user interface (GUI) window position is remembered between restarts (and is multi-monitor aware)

5.0.7 (27th July 2020)
* All platforms - will now ask for a password or, password and username, depending on whether 2 or 3 is returned from clientAuthorization

5.0.6 (11th July 2020)
* All Platforms - GUI when connected to server 4.1.9 or later the user can now specify a username AND password to authorize a device
* All Platforms - added admin confirmation dialog before kicking user off a device
* All platforms - improved Russian translation

5.0.5 (8th June 2020)
* Linux Console - fixed regression in 5.0.4 for the Linux console client where it may timeout a connection unnecessarily on older kernels

5.0.4 (4th June 2020)
* All platforms - the user interface now has the (menu) option to be "Always on Top"

5.0.3 (18th May 2020)
* Windows - improved auto-find (removed bonjour dependency)

5.0.2 (29th April 2020)
Windows - had to add back in the Bonjour dependency because lookups were not working correctly under some circumstances in 5.0.0/5.0.1

5.0.1 (29th April 2020)
* Windows - fixed slight regression in 5.0.0 regarding IPv6 addresses

5.0.0 (8th April 2020)
* Windows - removed the Apple Bonjour dependency (it is now optimized/in-built into the client, no separate install needed)
* Windows - improved speed of Auto-Find Lookup
* Windows - significantly reduced size of binary file
* Windows - fixed bug where alt network interface drops/comes back may cause bonjour to fail
* Windows - fixed bug where windows upgrade may cause Auto-Find lookup to fail

4.9.9 (15th March 2020)
* All platforms - added Spanish (S. America) translation, thanks Fernado!

4.9.8 (14th Feb 2020)
* Linux - console fixed error "Too many write to wake-up pipe"

4.9.7 (27th Jan 2020)
* Windows - fixed assertion message when stopping service

4.9.6 (3rd Jan 2020)
* All platforms - when a device is In-Use by you it is now shown in bold

4.9.5 (23rd November 2019)
* All platforms - fixed possible crash when attemping and failing to connect to a server

4.9.4 (15th Nov 2019)
* All platforms - further Isochronous fixes

4.9.3 (6th Nov 2019)
* All platforms - fixed possible crash when starting to use two isochronous USB devices simultaneously

4.9.2 (4th Nov 2019)
* All Platforms - added Italian translation -. thanks Sergio!

4.9.1 (30th Sept 2019)
* Windows - fixed driver installation failing on some East Asian languages

4.9.0 (20th Sept 2019)
* OSX - further improvements to Isochronous support

4.8.9 (12th Sept 2019)
* OSX - fixed panic when using webcam

4.8.8 (4th Sept 2019)
* OSX - Added support for microphones/cameras/speakers! (Isochronous support)
* OSX - significantly improved performance
* OSX - signed and notarized by Apple, to support 10.15

4.8.7 (27th Aug 2019)
* Fixed regression in 4.8.6 which caused crash on startup for new installs

4.8.6 (27th Aug 2019)
* Windows - fixed power efficiency bug where vhui64.exe was preventing the cpu from sleeping between interrupts (

4.8.5 (23rd Aug 2019)
* All Platforms - fixed lockup on reverse SSL connection over unreliable wifi

4.8.4 (19th Aug 2019)
* API - added "LIST REVERSE," API call to get the list of reverse clients for a particular server (qualified by server serial). Change ADD REVERSE, REMOVE REVERSE to be qualified by server serial instead of server ip:port

4.8.3 (13th Aug 2019)
* All Platforms - added German Translation (thanks Konrad!)

4.8.2 (23rd July 2019)
* All platforms - fixed rare crash on slow unreliable networks

4.8.1 (18th July 2019)
* Linux/OSX - when running under sudo client now displays actual user rather than "root"

4.8.0 (17th July 2019)
* EasyFind - added support for SSL over EasyFind (Requires server 3.9.8)

4.7.9 (21st June 2019)
* Fixed bug that was not verifying SSL certs completely

4.7.8 (5th June 2019)
* Fixed - bug where ssl connection may jam if using wifi and wifi drops or goes out of range

4.7.7 (4th June 2019)
* Added - API "SERVER RENAME" can now also take the ip address (and port) of the server to rename

4.7.6 (23rd May 2019)
* Added - the ability to UNignore a previously ignored device (requires server 3.9.0 or later) by right clicking on the Server ->Properties -> Device Ignores->(Unignore)

4.7.5 (20th May 2019)
* Added - improved support for android as a client (Note)

4.7.4 (13th May 2019)
* Fixed - quickly exiting client before all connections established occasionally caused client to not close

4.7.3 (8th May 2019)
* Added - Advanced Settings can now be configured when running as a service
* Added - arm64 (aarch64) linux console client

4.7.2 (3rd May 2019)
* Fixed - adding EasyFind address into the client running as a service now correctly works
* Improved - chinese translation

4.7.1 (3rd April 2019)
* Fixed - Linux fixed bug that caused a device to stop communicating, and logging an error in syslog saying "Maybe the USB cable is bad?"

4.7.0 (29th March 2019)
* Added - client language can now be selected by right clicking USB Hubs->Advanced Settings->Language Tab and selecting the language there

4.6.9 (28th March 2019)
* Added - russian translation. To use this language run the client with the argument --language=RU-RU
* Fixed - Windows hotkeys User interface was mis-sized

4.6.8 (11th March 2019)
* Added - french translation. start the client with the argument --language FR-FR
* Added - autoUse state to API call GET CLIENT STATE. Can be one of not-set all server device port devicePort inside the device node.
* Fixed - will correctly display In-Use by details when user has no name

4.6.7 (23rd February 2019)
* OSX - fixed client running as daemon inability to communicate correctly
* Linux - put up a Docker Image here

4.6.6 (18th February 2019)
* Windows - fixed bug preventing the full user name being displayed in in-use dialog (and ClientIdMap setting)

4.6.5 (17th January 2019)
* Windows - added "Hot Key" functionality so you can assign a hotkey that can be pressed to use/stop using a particular device. To set this key, right click on the device and select "Hot Keys..."
* All Platforms - System Log messages now record the full (date+time) rather than just the time

4.6.4 (26th December 2018)
* Windows - fixed crash on startup in win7
* Windows - reduced size of files

4.6.3 (14th December 2018)
* API - added IP address to "GET CLIENT STATE"
* Added workaround for CloudHub firmware 3.8.0 bug
* Improved performance for isochronous transfers when using server 3.8.0 or later

4.6.2 (17th November 2018)
* The device tree will now be expanded by default
* The license dialog will now show a helpful message when no servers are connected to
* Windows - Fixed issue which would truncate frames from USB 3/3.1 webcams

4.6.1 (12th October 2018)
* MIPS Linux console client - vhclientmipsel is now soft-float by default so its more compatible

4.6.0 (2nd October 2018)
Linux - fixed minor regression from previous version for ipv6 connections

4.5.9 (24th September 2018)
* All platforms - added support for reverse SSL connections. To use: right click USB Hubs->Specify Hubs->Advanced->Enable SSL Reverse Lookups and make sure you specify the Certificate Authority pem file in USB Hubs->Advanced Settings->Certificate Authority File. Requires server 3.7.4 or later.

4.5.8 (17th September 2018)
* Fixed rare crash that may occur on startup with many servers on the network

4.5.7 (17th August 2018)
* Linux - fixed lockup

4.5.6 (15th August 2018)
* Windows - fixed socket leak that may occur when using easyfind
* All platforms - fixed "Check for updates" in GUI

4.5.5 (15th August 2018)
* Windows 10 - fixed issue where the first few characters may drop when using the arduino uno serial via virtualhere. Only the client running on windows 10 was affected by this.
* Windows - client better handles when system resources are extremely low

4.5.4 (30th July 2018)
* Fixed - when starting minimized, if client is started again, dont restore window
* Added - when used with server 3.6.4 or later, ignoring a device can now be qualified by serial number as well as vendorid/product id
* Fixed - latency graph sometimes dropped values this is now fixed
* EasyFind toggle on/off must be done when running in GUI mode only

4.5.3 (3rd June 2018)
* Windows - fixed bug in "Install Client as a Service" when username has a space in it.

4.5.2 (14th May 2018)
* Windows 10 - fixed a bug in the win10 driver that prevented the elicener from working correctly
* All platforms - slightly improved performance

4.5.1 (11th April 2018)
* OSX - Fixed - Advanced menu in CloudHub configuration was disabled unnecessarily on osx

4.5.0 (11th April 2018)
* Fixed bug where connection would drop "server ping timeout" when the system time on the client was moved forward

4.4.9 (10th April 2018)
* All platforms now support EasyFind!

4.4.8 (26th March 2018)
* When install the osx or windows client as a service via the GUI the current client settings will be carried over to the service configuration

4.4.7 (22nd March 2018)
* All versions - Reduced size of all binaries
* Linux - Fixed avahi lookup error message sometimes appearing in syslog

4.4.6 (13th March 2018)
* All versions - improved Server Properties dialog and added "Latency" link
* Fixed - popup dialog while menu showing will no longer jam UI

4.4.5 (26th Feb 2018)
* Fixed - windows 7 64-bit, fixed crash on startup if at least one manual hub was specified
* OSX client will automatically unmount disk drives used via virtualhere when "Stop Use" is selected from the client

4.4.4 (23rd Feb 2018)
* Linux - fixed a bug in linux client running on kernel 4.13+ that prevented more than one device being used at once

4.4.3 (15th Feb 2018)
* All platforms - added the ability to set Bonjour lookup timeout and resolve periods using Advanced Settings...

4.4.2 (4th Feb 2018)
* All platforms - fixed a race condition when disconnecting devices that caused ghost devices to be left around under certain conditions

4.4.1 (1st Feb 2018)
* All platforms - added a latency graph to show the round-trip time to a virtualhere server. This can be accessed by right clicking USB Hubs->About->Statistics. This is useful for getting an idea of different network throughput when optimizing a link
* All Platforms - added the ability to set advanced client parameters by right clicking on USB Hubs->Advanced Settings... These settings arent normally used but are helpful in certain situations
* All platforms - when connected to VirtualHere 3.5.4 or later, the client will now display the server network interface the client is connected on. The client can also qualify an auto-use settings by server interface by checking "Qualify Auto-Use By Network Interface" in the Advanced Setting section of the client. This then allows Auto-Use to work over different network interfaces to the same Virtualhere server
* All platforms - fixed crash if double clicking on a server name

4.4.0 (23rd Jan 2018)
* Windows 10/2016 - fixed regresssion bug preventing Vantec CB-STU3-2PB from working
* Linux GUI - fixed app hanging when exiting on 4.13+ kernel

4.3.9 (21st Jan 2018)
* OSX - fixed app crash when canceling driver install
* OSX - fixed panic when osx sleeps for long period of time
* All platforms - fixed crash when connecting to many servers simultaneously
* All GUI Platforms - will display CloudHub name in title bar when administering server

4.3.8 (16th Jan 2018)
* OSX - fixed kernel panic in 10.13.2 when OSX sleeps with an in-use disk via virtualhere
* All platforms - added the ability to qualify the SSLClientCert Certificate to use for a particular connection.

4.3.7 (13th Dec 2017)
* Windows - fixed microphone via virtualhere caused ghost device when connection drops

4.3.6 (6th Dec 2017)
* Windows - drivers are now Microsoft Certified (win10/2016)

4.3.5 (20th Nov 2017)
* If Ctrl F8 is pressed, all pre-saved passwords in the client will be cleared. if you press CTRL F9 when selecting a certain device, only the presaved password for that device will be cleared

4.3.4 (17th Nov 2017)
* Added the ability to save the device password permanently (pre-saved) (via a checkbox in the device password popup) so it doesnt have to be entered each time the client starts. The password is saved in the vhui.ini file

4.3.3 (16th Nov 2017)
* Windows 10/Server 2016 - fixed -d argument to client to pre-install correct certificate
* Windows 10/Server 2016 - added the ability to manually map a remote addresses to a local port number. To do this: Add the key PortMappings of type REG_SZ to registry entry Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\vhusb3hc\Parameters. And set the format like this <local port>=<remote address>[,<local port>=<remote address>...] e.g 1=1121,2=212. This is useful for USB->Serial devices that dont have a serial number to make sure they map to the same COM port

4.3.2 (27th Oct 2017)
* Windows 10/Server 2016 - Added support for USB 3.1 devices in Windows build 1709
* Windows 10/Server 2016 - Improved support for badly behaved USB devices under windows 10

4.3.1 (10th Oct 2017)
* Added support for CloudHub Frequency Selection

4.3.0 (7th Oct 2017)
* Windows - fixed the "unexpectedly terminated" message that is displayed when the service is stopped via the net stop command

4.2.9 (1st Oct 2017)
* Linux - added support for Linux Kernel 4.13 (and USB 3.0 devices using that kernel or later)
* All Builds - improved performance over WAN connections
* Windows - fixed microphone working with xbox controller

4.2.8 (28th Sept 2017)
* Linux GUI (not console) - removed requirement for libpng to be installed
* Windows - fixed minor regression bug in 4.2.3 that crashed when rejecting bonjour installation

4.2.7 (26th Sept 2017)
* OSX - Added support for osx 10.13

4.2.6 (25th Sept 2017)
* All Platforms - will now coalesce multiple message popups into one message so as not to overwhelm the user with popups that may occur under certain circumstances

4.2.5 (22nd Sept 2017)
* All Platforms - fixed regression from 4.2.3 that prevented password protected devices from being accessed

4.2.4 (19th Sept 2017)
* Windows - fixed crash if drivers were extracted to an existing temporary directory
* Windows - fixed server properties dialog too small under win 7

4.2.3 (10th Sept 2017)
* All platforms - Fixed memory leak in client
* Windows client - fixed installing windows client service from directory with space
* All platforms - when using the Client API invoked via the -t argument, the client will return back to the shell: 0 if the call was OK, 1If the use/stop using device failed, 2 If the server does not exist or the address is invalid or other general errors
* Windows/OSX - Fixed, when running the service gui the Reverse Clients were not shown in the list

4.2.2 (5th Sept 2017)
* Windows client, added the ability to specify the server MAC address instead of its IP address, in Specify Hubs-> Enter xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx as the format of the MAC address

4.2.1 (21st August 2017)
* Improved Reverse Client performance on all platforms
* Added builds for Ubuntu Xenial (16.04 LTS) GUI clients

4.2.0 (18th August 2017)
* The client will now log a message in the USB Hubs->System Messages when it is kicked off a device.

4.1.9 (13th August 2017)
* Windows 10 - made the number of virtual usb 2 and usb 3 ports on the client user configurable, by adding two DWORD entries called USB2Ports and USB3Ports under Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\vhusb3hc\Parameters. By default if not specified, there will be 16 USB 2 ports and 6 USB 3 ports. (See here for context

4.1.8 (11th August 2017)
* Windows 10 - increased limit from 10 to 16 virtual devices per client (can be increased more later)

4.1.7 (11th July 2017)
* OSX/Linux - fixed bug that caused IPC output to be limited to 8192 bytes

4.1.6 (15th June 2017)
* All-Platforms - added menu customization option (see Client FAQ section "Can i customize the client menu?")

4.1.5 (9th June 2017)
* All Platforms - added API call GET CLIENT STATE that will return the exact detailed state of the client as an xml document. This is useful for parsing in scripts and programs that interact with the VirtualHere API

4.1.4 (8th June 2017)
* Linux/OSX clients - fixed bug that prevented the VirtualHere CloudHub menu from showing and the wifi networks being refreshed

4.1.3 (3rd June 2017)
* Windows Client - fixed freeze when installing drivers in Windows Creator Edition

4.1.2 (31st May 2017)
* Added support for downloading files from a VirtualHere CloudHub device
* Windows - fixed specifying -i (and -c and -l) argument with spaces in the directory

4.1.1 (16th May 2017)
* Further improvements to the Auto-Use kick feature. If a remote client is kicked from a device which was auto-used, Auto-Use will stay on and they will attempt to reuse the device in 3 seconds. If a local client wants to use (or auto-use) the device it has now time to do so.

4.1.0 (15th May 2017)
* Added support for the upcoming VirtualHere CloudHub USB Sharing system

4.0.9 (12th May 2017)
* When used with server 3.3.1 will automatically turn off "Auto-Use" for a remote client when that client is kicked from a device via an administrator. (Avoids the device being continually recaptured by the remote client even when kicked, as occured in previous versions)

4.0.8 (11th May 2017)
* Version pulled because of a regression

4.0.7 (26th April 2017)
* Windows Client - fixed testo devices via virtualhere with windows 10

4.0.6 (7th April 2017)
* Linux Client - added support for the new linux 4.9+ usbip feature that allows multiple vhci_hcd controller instances to operate simultaneously. This greatly increases the number of available virtual USB ports for accessing remote devices via virtualhere on Linux clients.

4.0.5 (4th April 2017)
* The Service GUI now works correctly with non-latin alphabets e.g Cyrillic

4.0.4 (31st March 2017)
* Fixed a memory leak when running the VirtualHere Client as a service with the Graphical user interface. To upgrade the service, run the client and uninstall the service by right clicking USB Hubs->Uninstall Service. Then copy the new client and install as a service again using the USB Hubs menu.

4.0.3 (18th March 2017)
* Added the ability to switch the language of the User Interface by specifying the --language argument with a value of e.g chinese ZH-CN or the default EN-US e.g vhui64.exe --language ZH-CN

4.0.2 (14th March 2017)
* Windows Client - improved device compatibility with windows 7

4.0.1 (9th March 2017)
* Windows Client - Service GUI, fixed win32 service gui crash on windows shutdown
* Windows Client - Service GUI fixed Auto-Use Device/Port not working
* Windows Client - Service GUI, fixed not able to install service using the GUI in win32

4.0.0 (9th March 2017)
* Windows Client - performance improvments to the Service GUI
* Windows Client - fixed set configuration issue in windows 7

3.9.9 (6th March 2017)
* OSX Client - added the ability to easily install and manage the client as a service daemon using the client GUI

3.9.8 (5th March 2017)
* Windows Client - fixed memory leak/crash when running the Service GUI after a while (regression from 3.9.7)

3.9.7 (2nd March 2017)
* Windows Client - the client can be installed/uninstalled as a service and managed via the GUI !
* All platforms - removed the 512 connection limit, so a single client can connect to any number of virtualhere servers, only limited by memory
* Fixed a client crash that (rarely) occured when windows is woken up and the virtualhere client attempts to find servers on the network

3.9.6 (14th Feb 2017)
* Linux client - will write terminating newline when outputting text to stdout

3.9.5 (13th Feb 2017)
* Linux client - fixed bug preventing the virtualhere client from finding a spare virtual usb port in recently linux versions

3.9.4 (8th Feb 2017)
* Added support for auto-use when using the PresavedPasswords setting (below).

3.9.3 (2rd Feb 2017)
* Added client configuration setting in the [General] section: PresavedPasswords=<server serial>.<device address>,<password>[,<server serial>.<device address>,<password>]... . The client will use this setting to answer the password request from the server so they user doesnt have to enter the password. See Where are the VirtualHere Client parameters stored? for more information. Alternatively you can use the server side setting clientAuthorization script to perform the same function

3.9.2 (17th January 2017)
* Linux Client - now writes to stdout instead of stderr when run in a terminal session.

3.9.1 (9th January 2017)
* OSX Client, fixed driver issue where panic occurs after many computer sleep/wake cycles

3.9.0 (9th Jan 2017)
* Added API "STOP USING ALL LOCAL" will stop using all devices this client is currently using. (STOP USING ALL stops using all devices for all clients)

3.8.9 (21st Dec 2016)
* Fixed windows 10 shut down hang when devices are "in-use"

3.8.8 (14th Dec 2016)
* Fixed regression bug from 3.8.7

3.8.7 (14th Dec 2016)
* Fixed BSOD when using xbox one wireless controller in win10

3.8.6 (1st December 2016)
* Client will now show the server ip address (as well as the hostname) in the Server Properties Dialog

3.8.5 (28th November 2016)
* Fixed OSX panic when a control transfer fails

3.8.4 (21st November 2016)
* Added API AUTO USE CLEAR ALL to clear all autouse settings
* Added API STOP USING ALL to stop using all devices currently in use
* Fixed rare race condition crash when using api and connections dropping

3.8.3 (17th November 2016)
* Updated client to use 1.0.1u openssl
* OSX - fixed race condition when connecting many devices simultaneously (On sierra, the client will require a reboot to update to its latest drivers)

3.8.2 (3rd November 2016)
* If auto-use is on and the device fails to bind due to an error, the bind will be attempted again after 2 seconds, rather than turning off auto-use for that device

3.8.1 (27th October 2016)
* Fixed OSX client "Show" menu command will bring the virtualhere windows to the top

3.8.0 (24th October 2016)
* Added Client API call SERVER RENAME
* More efficiently compresses large transfers to help mitigate network latency

3.7.9 (19th October 2016)
* All Platforms - slightly improved performance
* All Platforms - fixed occational crash when double clicking "USB Hubs" or the Server Names in GUI

3.7.8 - Internal build only

3.7.7 (8th October 2016)
* All platforms - modified the client API command AUTO USE HUB to use the hub name rather than the hub host and port. e.g vhui64.exe -t "AUTO USE HUB,Raspberry Hub"

3.7.6 (6th October 2016)
* Windows - fixed minor bonjour bug

3.7.5 (24th Sept 2016)
* Added new client API call. SERVER INFO,<server name> This will return more detailed information about the connection between the client and the server.

3.7.4 (13th Sept 2016)
* In the Graphical User Interface of the VirtualHere Client, when clicking the minus sign to collapse the USB Hubs branch, it is now equivalent to a "Collapse All" and all listed servers/devices will be collapsed. This is useful to quickly collapse all servers listed in the client for networks with a large number of VirtualHere servers.

3.7.3 (30th August 2016)
* All platforms, updated openssl library to 1.0.1t

3.7.2 (27th August 2016)
* Added Client API command DEVICE RENAME,<address>,<nickname> to set the device nickname

3.7.1 (23rd August 2016)
* Windows Client - when using custom driver addressing this setting will be remembered

3.7.0 (13th July 2016)
* Windows Client - Fixed regression in 3.6.9 that reinstalled win7 drivers
* Windows Client - Fixed nested exception handling

3.6.9 (11th July 2016)
* Added setting TurnOffAutoUseOnFail (default is true), can be changed to false in the client ini file so that if an auto-used device has an error the client will keep trying to connect to it.

3.6.8 (1st July 2016)
* Windows 7 or earlier (vista,xp etc) - fixed BSOD that occured when multiple usb devices that have everything identical including serial number (i.e USB devices not following usb spec) were shared via virtualhere together

3.6.7 (29th June 2016)
* All platforms - fixed rare crash when exiting client and closing connection simultaneously

3.6.6 (22nd June 2016)
* Windows Client - fixed memory leak when running in windows 10

3.6.5 (6th June 2016)
* Windows Client - fixed a bug that could prevent a device being accessed if the connection is dropped or the computer sleeps while data is being transferred and Auto Use is on and windows 10 is being used

3.6.4 (3rd June 2016)
* If the client connects via SSL it uses the TLS1.2 protocol now by default. Previously it was using SSLv3 by default

3.6.3 (19th May 2016)
* VirtualHere client has a new icon!

3.6.2 (11th May 2016)
* -r argument to client will override the file specified rather than appending to it.
* Increased the size of the about dialog so its easier to read the license details
* Fixed some broken dialogs in windows 7 sp1
* Any IPC errors are returned with the prefix "ERROR:" so its easier to parse

3.6.1 (6th May 2016)
* Minor fix in client for osx server

3.6.0 (2nd May 2016)
* API added command CUSTOM EVENT to set a custom event handler

3.5.9 (2nd May 2016)
* Increase windows 10 driver virtual USB ports from 4x usb2 & 4x usb3 to, 10x usb2 and 6x usb3.0 instead

3.5.8 (22nd April 2016)
* Minor trace improvements

3.5.7 (13th April 2016)
* Fixed -x (drivers extract) argument on Windows 10
* Implemented $ELEVATE$ parameter when calling client side events

3.5.6 (11th April 2016)
* Added client-side events that are triggered by the client on the local machine (see See section "Client-Side Events")

3.5.5 (5th April 2016)
* The items in the client GUI is now sorted according to alphabetical order

3.5.4 (31th March 2016)
* Fixed a crash that occurs if the client is exited immediately after starting

3.5.3 (29th March 2016)
* Added support to hide other connected client details using the server HideClientInfo=1 config.ini parameter
* Updated openssl to 1.0.1s

3.5.2 (17th March 2016)
* Signifcantly improved isochronous compatibility in the linux client - it should work fine with speakers and similar out devices. However the client does not work with IN devices like webcams that try to sync on the USB frame number

3.5.1 (16th March 2016)
* Fixed bug in linux client that incorrectly handled the "unlink urb" operation (abort endpoint)

3.5.0 (7th March 2016)
* By default the virtualhere client running on windows 10 / windows server 2016 or later will use the new improved VirtualHere USB 3.0 driver
* If the user enters a comma in a device nickname this is now rejected

3.4.9 (2nd March 2016)
* Fixed possible crash in osx client when trying to use a usb 3.0 device
* Fixed -d argument for OEM Windows client installations

* Fixed bug when using the argument -3 and -d when installing in windows

(for changes before 3.4.8 please see the announcements forum)