Client BSOD on Win7 home prem, perfect on Win 10

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Client BSOD on Win7 home prem, perfect on Win 10

I got the trial server running on a Rpi 2 Minibian (easiest thing I've ever done on Linux).

I then tried the 32 bit windows client on my HP Pavilion G running 7 home premium. I connected a Cannon DSLR (already working directly to the laptop), ran the client which installed the apple software and my camera appeared on the VH hub. I chose "use" from the context menu and after 1/4 second BSOD. Once restarted I had no mouse. Reboot/shutdown caused another BSOD. Eventually I had to use control panel to manually uninstall bunches on my USB system devices to stop the BSODs and get my mouse back.

Then I thought I probably needed a windows update session (14 hours later it finished).

In the meantime I tried the 64 client on my windows 10 desktop - easy as pie. Had Live view from the camera without a hitch.

After windows update finished this morning I tried the 64 bit client on the laptop and for as far as select "use" on the camera which actually showed up in the hub but during the VH device install got a BSOD (mouse survived this time).

Ok, after restarting I deleted the VH devices, rebooted, ran sfc /scannow twice (scan, reboot, scan, reboot) and attempted the 64 bit client again - BSOD.

Google turns up almost nothing about BSODs on Win 7 from VH so I'm quite sure its something on my particular machine. Unfortunately the laptop is what I use for astronomy in the field, not my win10 desktop, so I have to get this sorted.

I can send logs as long as you tell me which ones and where they are!


I think you should use win10

Sorry to say but I think you should use win10 as win7 seems like it has a bug in it.

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