Remote flashing rom on android

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Remote flashing rom on android

Hi, subj

Have bricked android phone, and normaly working
android phone.
Can i flash remotely this android, using VirtualHere Usb connection via internet?
someone has such experience?
all the software for the firmware I have.

thanks in advance.

Ps. Sorry for my english.

no one answered trying to

no one answered trying to find the answer themselves

From here -
Normally for most MT65xx, you can't access META mode, to access it on my Lenovo, i have to take out the battery, press & hold volume up(don't let go) & plugin USB cable & the Device Manager will pop-up MTK USB COM for few seconds then disappear...

...Few seconds!!!!

I don't have time to detect the device.

perhaps there is what the decision for such situation?
Plz, help!!


Sorry im not sure but basically virtualhere on a linux device as the server would work and the pc side windows 10.

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