Licensing questions and feedback

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Licensing questions and feedback

First off: I'm impressed.
Aside from that the software seems to be working nicely these are a few points that I really appreciate:
(this is from a Linux server, Windows client perspective, and mostly my first impressions)

* Generous and trouble free trial-version. (I believe this is a much stronger motivator for purchasing than most think)
* Bloat-free.
* The user experience is excellent, ability to auto-mount and instant feedback when you connect/disconnect devices is fantastic and just what I wished for, even being able to pull a device from another client and script changes is even more than I dared to wish for (but exactly what I want).
(* No installation is refreshing and gives a pleasant first impression)

I had a few crashes/exceptions that seem to be related to right clicking in the client GUI (Win 10 64 bit v. 3.3.5, server 2.6.7, I don't know how to replicate this reliably) but apart from that the software has been stable and it really didn't distract me.

So, I went to the Purchase page and here I got some concerns.

You should be more clear that the license is tied to a physical server. You mention "unlimited USB devices on a single server" - it is in no way clear from that that the license is not transferable (which I've only verified by googling on this forum).
Also, for my usecase I know I will soon have to reinstall my server, possibly change Linux distribution and install the OS on a different type of storage device. Will I need a new license for that? I have no idea.

What can I change in my setup without risking having to buy a new product? I'm very well aware that this might partly be sensitive information but not a single mention about it anywhere(?) is alarming and off-putting.

Is the purchase completely automated? (=> can I start using it without restrictions immediately?)

These are basic questions that I really want answered before purchasing but could not find any information about after looking around on this site (apologies if I'm just blind...).

Also, it took a while to find out about this software. You might want to consider adwords for 'usb over ethernet' and similar. I almost missed you even after googling a fair bit on different solutions.

Hi Ekil, thanks for your

Hi Ekil, thanks for your detailed feedback. I have updated my purchase page to say physical server. You can reinstall your server software and change pretty much anything and the license will still work. The server is locked to a physical attribute of the server. Usually the id supplied with the cpu, flash chip, or motherboard and/or network card.

The purchase is completely automated. You will get a license code as soon as you purchase. I monitor the emails so you can reply to that automated email if you want to get additional help etc from me.

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