VirtualHere USB Client Changes (3.4.8 onwards)

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VirtualHere USB Client Changes (3.4.8 onwards)

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4.0.3 (18th March 2017)
* Added the ability to switch the language of the User Interface by specifying the --language argument with a value of e.g chinese ZH-CN or the default EN-US e.g vhui64.exe --language ZH-CN

4.0.2 (14th March 2017)
* Windows Client - improved device compatibility with windows 7

4.0.1 (9th March 2017)
* Windows Client - Service GUI, fixed win32 service gui crash on windows shutdown
* Windows Client - Service GUI fixed Auto-Use Device/Port not working
* Windows Client - Service GUI, fixed not able to install service using the GUI in win32

4.0.0 (9th March 2017)
* Windows Client - performance improvments to the Service GUI
* Windows Client - fixed set configuration issue in windows 7

3.9.9 (6th March 2017)
* OSX Client - added the ability to easily install and manage the client as a service daemon using the client GUI

3.9.8 (5th March 2017)
* Windows Client - fixed memory leak/crash when running the Service GUI after a while (regression from 3.9.7)

3.9.7 (2nd March 2017)
* Windows Client - the client can be installed/uninstalled as a service and managed via the GUI !
* All platforms - removed the 512 connection limit, so a single client can connect to any number of virtualhere servers, only limited by memory
* Fixed a client crash that (rarely) occured when windows is woken up and the virtualhere client attempts to find servers on the network

3.9.6 (14th Feb 2017)
* Linux client - will write terminating newline when outputting text to stdout

3.9.5 (13th Feb 2017)
* Linux client - fixed bug preventing the virtualhere client from finding a spare virtual usb port in recently linux versions

3.9.4 (8th Feb 2017)
* Added support for auto-use when using the PresavedPasswords setting (below).

3.9.3 (2rd Feb 2017)
* Added client configuration setting in the [General] section: PresavedPasswords=<server serial>.<device address>,<password>[,<server serial>.<device address>,<password>]... . The client will use this setting to answer the password request from the server so they user doesnt have to enter the password. See Where are the VirtualHere Client parameters stored? for more information. Alternatively you can use the server side setting clientAuthorization script to perform the same function

3.9.2 (17th January 2017)
* Linux Client - now writes to stdout instead of stderr when run in a terminal session.

3.9.1 (9th January 2017)
* OSX Client, fixed driver issue where panic occurs after many computer sleep/wake cycles

3.9.0 (9th Jan 2017)
* Added API "STOP USING ALL LOCAL" will stop using all devices this client is currently using. (STOP USING ALL stops using all devices for all clients)

3.8.9 (21st Dec 2016)
* Fixed windows 10 shut down hang when devices are "in-use"

3.8.8 (14th Dec 2016)
* Fixed regression bug from 3.8.7

3.8.7 (14th Dec 2016)
* Fixed BSOD when using xbox one wireless controller in win10

3.8.6 (1st December 2016)
* Client will now show the server ip address (as well as the hostname) in the Server Properties Dialog

3.8.5 (28th November 2016)
* Fixed OSX panic when a control transfer fails

3.8.4 (21st November 2016)
* Added API AUTO USE CLEAR ALL to clear all autouse settings
* Added API STOP USING ALL to stop using all devices currently in use
* Fixed rare race condition crash when using api and connections dropping

3.8.3 (17th November 2016)
* Updated client to use 1.0.1u openssl
* OSX - fixed race condition when connecting many devices simultaneously (On sierra, the client will require a reboot to update to its latest drivers)

3.8.2 (3rd November 2016)
* If auto-use is on and the device fails to bind due to an error, the bind will be attempted again after 2 seconds, rather than turning off auto-use for that device

3.8.1 (27th October 2016)
* Fixed OSX client "Show" menu command will bring the virtualhere windows to the top

3.8.0 (24th October 2016)
* Added Client API call SERVER RENAME
* More efficiently compresses large transfers to help mitigate network latency

3.7.9 (19th October 2016)
* All Platforms - slightly improved performance
* All Platforms - fixed occational crash when double clicking "USB Hubs" or the Server Names in GUI

3.7.8 - Internal build only

3.7.7 (8th October 2016)
* All platforms - modified the client API command AUTO USE HUB to use the hub name rather than the hub host and port. e.g vhui64.exe -t "AUTO USE HUB,Raspberry Hub"

3.7.6 (6th October 2016)
* Windows - fixed minor bonjour bug

3.7.5 (24th Sept 2016)
* Added new client API call. SERVER INFO,<server name> This will return more detailed information about the connection between the client and the server.

3.7.4 (13th Sept 2016)
* In the Graphical User Interface of the VirtualHere Client, when clicking the minus sign to collapse the USB Hubs branch, it is now equivalent to a "Collapse All" and all listed servers/devices will be collapsed. This is useful to quickly collapse all servers listed in the client for networks with a large number of VirtualHere servers.

3.7.3 (30th August 2016)
* All platforms, updated openssl library to 1.0.1t

3.7.2 (27th August 2016)
* Added Client API command DEVICE RENAME,<address>,<nickname> to set the device nickname

3.7.1 (23rd August 2016)
* Windows Client - when using custom driver addressing this setting will be remembered

3.7.0 (13th July 2016)
* Windows Client - Fixed regression in 3.6.9 that reinstalled win7 drivers
* Windows Client - Fixed nested exception handling

3.6.9 (11th July 2016)
* Added setting TurnOffAutoUseOnFail (default is true), can be changed to false in the client ini file so that if an auto-used device has an error the client will keep trying to connect to it.

3.6.8 (1st July 2016)
* Windows 7 or earlier (vista,xp etc) - fixed BSOD that occured when multiple usb devices that have everything identical including serial number (i.e USB devices not following usb spec) were shared via virtualhere together

3.6.7 (29th June 2016)
* All platforms - fixed rare crash when exiting client and closing connection simultaneously

3.6.6 (22nd June 2016)
* Windows Client - fixed memory leak when running in windows 10

3.6.5 (6th June 2016)
* Windows Client - fixed a bug that could prevent a device being accessed if the connection is dropped or the computer sleeps while data is being transferred and Auto Use is on and windows 10 is being used

3.6.4 (3rd June 2016)
* If the client connects via SSL it uses the TLS1.2 protocol now by default. Previously it was using SSLv3 by default

3.6.3 (19th May 2016)
* VirtualHere client has a new icon!

3.6.2 (11th May 2016)
* -r argument to client will override the file specified rather than appending to it.
* Increased the size of the about dialog so its easier to read the license details
* Fixed some broken dialogs in windows 7 sp1
* Any IPC errors are returned with the prefix "ERROR:" so its easier to parse

3.6.1 (6th May 2016)
* Minor fix in client for osx server

3.6.0 (2nd May 2016)
* API added command CUSTOM EVENT to set a custom event handler

3.5.9 (2nd May 2016)
* Increase windows 10 driver virtual USB ports from 4x usb2 & 4x usb3 to, 10x usb2 and 6x usb3.0 instead

3.5.8 (22nd April 2016)
* Minor trace improvements

3.5.7 (13th April 2016)
* Fixed -x (drivers extract) argument on Windows 10
* Implemented $ELEVATE$ parameter when calling client side events

3.5.6 (11th April 2016)
* Added client-side events that are triggered by the client on the local machine (see See section "Client-Side Events")

3.5.5 (5th April 2016)
* The items in the client GUI is now sorted according to alphabetical order

3.5.4 (31th March 2016)
* Fixed a crash that occurs if the client is exited immediately after starting

3.5.3 (29th March 2016)
* Added support to hide other connected client details using the server HideClientInfo=1 config.ini parameter
* Updated openssl to 1.0.1s

3.5.2 (17th March 2016)
* Signifcantly improved isochronous compatibility in the linux client - it should work fine with speakers and similar out devices. However the client does not work with IN devices like webcams that try to sync on the USB frame number

3.5.1 (16th March 2016)
* Fixed bug in linux client that incorrectly handled the "unlink urb" operation (abort endpoint)

3.5.0 (7th March 2016)
* By default the virtualhere client running on windows 10 / windows server 2016 or later will use the new improved VirtualHere USB 3.0 driver
* If the user enters a comma in a device nickname this is now rejected

3.4.9 (2nd March 2016)
* Fixed possible crash in osx client when trying to use a usb 3.0 device
* Fixed -d argument for OEM Windows client installations

* Fixed bug when using the argument -3 and -d when installing in windows

(for changes before 3.4.8 please see the announcements forum)