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Trial period expired

Setting up a new RaspberryPi 2 and I can't use any device.

Each Time I got the message:

This server trial has expired, please purchase a license to continue using.

The optimized binary does not

The optimized binary does not have a free trial. You need to use the generic version which allows one device for free.

Trial expired directly after first install

Hi, after a fresh first install on Win7 SP3 Dell notebook, the installed driver instantly reports that the the trial is expired.
I did no tweaking on the system clock, or any reinstall of the trial. The above info about a generic version makes no sense to me, there is only 1 version for Windows in 32 bit, right ?

Hi Frank, actually the client

Hi Frank, actually the client doesnt have any licenses, its just the server. If its the generic server it shouldnt say that, i think you are not running the generic server, or if you have purchased you need to put in the license into the client (which passes it to the server)

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