Error when disconnecting client

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Error when disconnecting client


I recently downloaded the server application to my Raspberry PI and I got it to work to share my USB camera. During some testing, I noticed that when I exited my Windows client after viewing the Network Hub (only viewing items and not connecting), I see the following error on my Raspberry PI:

vhusbdpi ../tcpserver.c: 164: removeConnectionOperation: Assertion 'rs == 0' failed.

After this error, I'm no longer able to reconnect to the hub. Is there a way to restart vhusbdpi or to end it?

Also I noticed that if I just use the '-o' option on bash I'm unable to do anything else, I need to also add the 'b' option as well. Is this as per design?



Hi Steven

Hi Steven

This bug is fixed in 1.3.5 please download from

If you use -o it runs in the foreground. To run in the background use the -b. This is they way it is designed.

Thanks! I checked my PI last

Thanks! I checked my PI last night and I noticed that I had 1.3.4 installed. Will install the latest version and try again.

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