Rename more Then 10 Dongle Failed

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Rename more Then 10 Dongle Failed

Hello @ All.

I have the ServerVersion (Beta) on a Sysnology DS1821+ installed.

On the Window10 Version run the Client with Version 5.2.1.

Now I have here 18 license dongle (HID dongle) from the same company. 10 I could clearly name. When renaming the 11 dongle, the 10 dongle is overwritten and the former 10 dongle is called HID dongle again.

What is the Problem now?


The reason is that the dongle 11th dongle is completely identical with another dongle. It has the same vendor id/product id and serial number. So there is no way to distinguish them other than the usb port it is attached to. You need to switch modes in your client to nickname by USB Port rather than by serial number.

To do this:
1. Stop and exit the virtualhere client
2. Edit the c:\users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\vhui.ini

In the [General] section add the line

3. Now start the client again. Now you can rename the dongle you must keep the dongle plugged into the same usb port otherwise it will lose the name

Thank you

Hello Michael!

This is the solution! Thank You!


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