Ubunutu 14 Startup

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Ubunutu 14 Startup

How to automatically launch vhusbdx86_64 on boot or login of ubuntu 14?

Not a linux expert yet.

I ended up doing this.

mv vhusbdx86_64 /etc/init.d/
chmod +x /etc/init.d/vhusbdx86_64
update-rc.d defvhusbdx86_64 defaults

Actually that didn't seem to

Actually that didn't seem to work.

Follow the instructions at

Follow the instructions at the top of the page here https://www.virtualhere.com/oem_faq , note that is for raspberry pi, however you just need to change the name of the binary in the init.d to vhusbdx86_64 instead of vhusbdarmhf

Of all the places I looked it

Of all the places I looked it was right here all along.

So I did the following:

So I did the following:

wget http://www.virtualhere.com/sites/default/files/usbserver/vhusbdx86_64
sudo chmod +x ./vhusbdx86_64
sudo mv vhusbdx86_64 /usr/sbin
wget http://www.virtualhere.com/sites/default/files/usbserver/scripts/vhusbdpin
sudo chmod +x ./vhusbdpin
sudo mv vhusbdpin /etc/init.d
sudo update-rc.d vhusbdpin defaults
sudo reboot

and it's still not happening on boot.

Amazing software by the way. If I get this to work well I will be definitely be buying licenses.

Any other suggestions?

Seems to launch during

Seems to launch during shutdown.
Preventing a reboot but instead launching the vhusb server

You need to edit the script

You need to edit the script you downloaded (the second wget you did) and change vhusbdarmhf to vhusbdx86_64

Me too...

That's what I found. Maybe a note on the relevant page, something like "Open /etc/init.d/vusbhd.pin with nano. Find the line starting with NAME=. substitute 'vhusbdarmhf' for the name of the file in /usr/sbin, e.g., NAME=vhusbdi386. Close Nano (control-x y ). Reboot.

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